NRSWA New Road and St Works Re-Assessments

Do you need to renew your NRSWA card?

If you do, you now need to take a test on each unit that you hold.

You have six months from the date of expiry on your card to take the tests and renew your card. If you do not renew within this 6-month period you will have to undertake the full assessment again.

Why choose TOPPS?

Tests can be taken at times to suit you, including outside of work hours if required.
We can provide refresher training as required.
We will book your tests and can help you apply for your replacement card.

Tests Cost £25 per Unit and each Unit test will take up to 30 minutes, with 10 questions to answer for each unit.

IMPORTANT: You must be able to show your existing NRSWA Card to take the test and one other form of identification.

To book a test or more information click here.

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